Thursday, August 27, 2009

Playing House

Movies/TV Shows Watched Since Wisdom Teeth Removal:
1. The Simpsons Season 3 (Disc 1 only)
2. The Simpsons Season 4
3. The Simpsons Season 6
4. Man vs. Food Season 1
5. Mrs. Doubtfire
6. This American Life
7. MaxedOut
8. House Bunny (forgive me)
9. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Thank you, Netflix Instant.

Earlier tonight, at the house I'm currently "sitting," I spent 20 minutes making the bed. Simply because I could, because I got lost in the fantasy of having my own place to call home, where I could have charming little knick knacks that ooze frivolity with the loopy cursive saying things like "Linen Spray" and "Creme pour le Corps." Living in an extremely well-decorated house that reflects what you one day can only hope your home will look like is not helpful when you're reeling from unemployment.

I also ventured back to campus today, the first day out since my immature wisdom teeth extraction on Monday. I think the Vicodin must have embedded some false sense of readiness in my horiztonal, Man vs. Food-watching body, because as soon as I got to work I felt incredibly awful. What I did love, however, was watching all the freshmen--still slightly shocked from the massive amount of sensory overload, but trying their damndest not to let on. Yes, it's orientation week, and it feels so weird to be there, watching as though I'm peering into a snow globe. It's bizarre how quickly a place that was your home loses that title, even when you continue to be surrounded by it after you graduate. But I must admit, all awkward friendship making and map toting aside, I was a little jealous of this class of 2013 (yikes). Welcome to four years of a reality defined by a cushy balance of structure and independence, where everything new seems like it will never get old and graduation is something you just got done with, not something to be looking out for. God, my timing is impeccable.

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